Refactoring Gender: Jennifer’s Transgender Tale

title card for Refactoring Gender: Jennifer's Transgender tale

Earlier this week as part of Swiftly’s LGBTQ+ group’s Pride month activities I did an hour long presentation for the company on trans issues and my journey and transition. It’s up on YouTube now if you’d like to watch it.

A note: I mention at the end that I don’t think that all 1/3rd of the young people who identify as non-binary, gender-nonconforming or transgender will still identify that way into adulthood. I could 10,000% be wrong! From my experience it doesn’t seem like a third of people are wrestling with their gender identity and would be something other than cis if they felt safe to, but the world would be a lot more fun if that turns out to be true.

The slides are here.

The links at the end are:

In an emergency: (877) 565-8860

FTM Guide

Black Trans-led and Black Trans-serving organizations and initiatives (Medium)

Twitter Accounts I Follow: Marsha P. Johnson Institute, Black Trans Connection, translashmedia, Good Trans News, Katelyn Burns, National Center for Transgender Equality, Sydney Bauer, Amanda Jette Knox, Emily VanDerWerff

If you’re part of the trans family and there’s something in this video you think is wrong or something I’ve mis-stated, please let me know!

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