I’m a tech mom in Austin, Texas. I like to travel, fix things and manifest ideas. I like stories and games and trains and planes and cameras and books and the ocean.

I work at Vox Media, where I work on security after leading the team that turned data into products and insights. My previous gig was leading software development teams at HP Cloud, including Cloud Foundry and Big Data.  Before that I helped run a consultancy called Polycot, where we developed applications in PHP and Ruby on Rails.  At Polycot we created all kinds of applications, including: CMSs, E-Commerce, E-Mail Marketing, CRM, E-Learning, Video Commerce, Collaborative Document Editing, Wikis, Discussion Forums, Online Databases and Social Networks. In the last few years, we even produced an iPhone and iPad storybook with customizable characters and personalized voiceover audio.

Before Polycot I built web applications for Whole Foods Market, including document management, job posting, store pricing and content management.

Before Whole Foods I spent a few years in the ISP mines, doing tech support, running users groups, administering servers and designing web sites.

I grew up in Rota, Spain, in a big, old house at the end of the road at the edge of town sandwiched between razor wire fences and the ocean.