3D Printed QR Code Chops

I have ideas in the middle of the night sometimes, which usually disappear into the aether because I’m not in a position to act on them.  Last night’s particularly choice morsel, which I had Irma email me (I got that ‘look’ and she said I should write it down) is this:

In some east asian countries a person has a chop or seal.  It’s kind of like your signature in the west.  It’s a quasi-official stamp.  You’d have an artist carve you one, and it would be a near-literal representation of you.  Where your chop stamped, you said it.  So now we have qr codes, 2 dimensional bar codes which can contain from 25 to 2500 alphanumeric characters.  They’re probably kind of hard to carve, and lend themselves well to 3d printing.  I’ve been thinking for a while about ways to slap uniqueish imprints on things, and it seems like an inked or reflective waxed 3d qr code chop would be a cool way to do it.  You could add some text around the edge, but you’d be able to read the data in a cell phone app.  The 77 or 114 alpha character limitation means you can’t embed, say, your public crypto key, but you could put a name/email/url/signed bit combo in there, or something like that.

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