SXSW 2013 – AI Netizens: The State of Agents Online


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Tuesday, March 12 12:30PM – 1:30PM at the Sheraton Austin, Capitol ABC in Austin, Texas

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Human beings are no longer the only things posting photos, tweets, checkins and blog posts online. There are other entities moving around us: social bots, emotive shadows of real people, and specifically designed spam generators. Sometimes they’re upfront about who they are, sometimes they pretend to be real people, but they’re everywhere, and their number is growing. In this panel we’ll review a short history of autonomous online agents, their activities, society’s response, and then dive into the future of this new kind of life, how we’ll build it and what it’ll mean for online interaction beyond 2013.


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Mentioned Links

Weavrs – Pluggable autonomous social bots

Hubot – Chat room inhabiting infrastructure automation bot

Adafruit Pi PrinterBERGCLOUD – Home of the Little Printer, an internet connected paper output device

Kynetx – Developers of the personal event network, a personal cloud platform

mashape – API Marketplace

A good post on Python Twitter Bots by Sean Lynch

Bots: The Origin of a New Species by Andrew Leonard (1997)

Intelligent agents, Internet information and interface by James Meek (1995)

Daemon by Daniel Suarez

Time Pixels at the New Zealand Digital Forum by Aaron Cope

Quora Question about Print On Demand APIs

Twilio, TropooDesk, Mechanical Turk, Shapeways & Task Rabbit APIs

Video from David Bausola (Weavrs) at NEXT 2012

Animal Crossing Wiki

CloudFoundry – Multi-language app hosting in a box

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